A windshield serves as your car’s defense. Your car’s windshield has an unparalleled impact on driver safety. Additionally, it supports the roof of your automobile, preserving the structural integrity of your car.

Your newly replaced windshield needs to be properly maintained if you want it to last as long as possible. Others, however, are unaware that some of our behaviors can have a negative impact on the adhesive’s setting and curing processes as they relate to attaching the vehicle glass to its intended spot.

Don’t Drive Your Car Immediately:

Urethane is typically used as an adhesive during replacement to patch up cracked windshields or install brand-new ones on your car. It takes some time for urethanes to cure. The adhesive needs up to 24 hours to cure, depending on a number of variables including temperature, humidity, and adhesive quality. However, as a general rule, you must refrain from operating your vehicle for at least an hour following the replacement of the windshield. By doing so, the adhesive will dry properly and leave no gaps between the glass and the frame.

Leave The Tape On:

Some auto repair shops use tape when installing a new windshield in an automobile. You could be tempted as a car owner to remove the tape in order to make your automobile look more appealing. To prevent dirt, debris, or other foreign objects from becoming stuck to the adhesive, you must wait at least 24 hours before removing the windshield tape. Such particles frequently impair the bond between the windshield glass and frame, making any attempts to repair or replace the windshield ineffective.

Stay Away From Car Washes:

High-pressure jets and motor pumps are frequently used in car washes to remove dirt and debris from the vehicle. These jets will lose their strength if the sealant or adhesive used to replace your windshield has not cured properly, leaving you with a windshield that has been improperly installed. Urethane and silicone-based adhesives and sealants may be damaged if the car wash facility uses cleaning solutions or detergents.

Always wait at least 24 hours after a windshield replacement before washing your car. Even if you’re tempted, wash your automobile yourself at home using gentle soaps or detergents and gentle water sprays. Keep in mind that you do not need to keep your new windshield out of the water in your automobile. Instead, keep it away from pressure or impact from powerful water jets.

Be Careful With Your Driving:

Avoid hasty driving, especially right after replacing your windshield. To stop your car’s windshield from jerking and shaking, avoid driving on particularly uneven terrain. In a hurry, you should also refrain from slamming your car door or banging on the roof. When you do this, the pressure inside the car is suddenly extremely high, which could lead to the windshield popping out. Keep the window slightly ajar before getting out of the car to let some of the pressure out when you open the door.

Every window replacement project is handled by our skilled experts, who bring decades of car glass experience and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service. Call us to speak with a member of our staff.

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